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If you are looking for new and code-compliant ways to protect your employees and the worksite from accidents, we invite you to contact the safety consultants at 3-E Safety Services LLC. Ranked among the finest consultants in the St. Louis region, we are here to implement new workplace protocols, lead workshops and offer training courses to minimize liabilities, reduce hazards, and give everyone peace of mind.

Don't take chances when it comes to workplace safety. Let the knowledgeable consultants on our team steer you toward safety and compliance.

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Enhancing Workplace Safety

Cultivating a safe workplace offers all sorts of benefits for businesses and their employees, no matter what industry you work in. Workplace safety is not only important for reducing the number of workplace accidents and injuries, but it can also lead to improved morale and increased productivity, too.

Businesses of all distinctions come to us for their workplace safety needs. When they want someone to host workshops, offer information on training courses, or conduct inspections, they contact us. We conduct our work according to the highest safety standards, ensuring your workplace is as safe as it can be.

Performing Safety Inspections

One way to improve workplace safety is to conduct regular safety inspections and this is why we're experts at in-depth workplace inspections. Safety consultants such as ourselves can help identify potential hazards in the workplace and develop plans to mitigate them. Safety training can also help employees learn how to identify and avoid potential hazards.

Elevated Customer Service

The work that we do requires us to be attentive to the unique safety needs of a client's industry. A manufacturing facility is different from a public swimming pool, after all. Every place comes with its own challenges, and we consider it our duty to understand these challenges to the fullest. This is just how we like to do business with our clients.

Protect your employees and your job site with 3-E Safety Services LLC's professional safety consultants. We are a certified team of workplace safety experts that provide our clients with safety consulting and inspections, and a wide range of training courses that will help your staff work smartly and precisely. Not only that, but we also provide our risk assessment services at affordable rates and with the utmost dedication to client satisfaction.

Our goal is to make you feel confident in the safety of your workplace and increase your worksite productivity. Give us a call at (816) 210-0689 to speak with an expert and schedule our services today.

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Protect Your Business by Investing in a Construction Safety Consultant

Investing in workplace safety is an investment in your company's success. Ensuring that your workplace is safe allows you to avoid costly accidents and injuries that might imperil your business. Safety inspections, safety consultants, and safety training can all help to create a safer work environment. By investing in workplace safety, you are truly investing in the future of your company.

Your employees are the backbone of your business. Why not ensure they’re trained to perform their duties to the highest level of safety possible? In doing so, you can make sure your crews are protected from injury and harm while taking the opportunity to ensure your business remains liability free.

Your crews come away with new skills that keep each job site safer, and you remain in compliance with workplace safety regulations that govern your industry. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Learn more about how keeping up to date with safety certifications protects your workforce and keeps your business from facing strict penalties. Connect with our representatives to schedule a risk-free consultation.

Safety Consulting Services

Are you considering expanding your business? Do you have a workplace that might benefit from the use of heavy equipment or from the hiring of delivery drivers? Whether there are motorists or equipment operators on site, you need to make sure everyone within the workplace knows how to conduct themselves accordingly. Thankfully, we offer all the workshops and training sessions you could possibly need.

We offer on-site and in-classroom safety consulting services designed to keep your business in strict compliance with regulations governing safety on a construction site.

Some of our most-requested courses have recently included:

  • Defensive driving and driver’s safety training
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) hours of service training
  • Certified roofing torch applicator (CERTA) training
  • Heavy equipment training
  • Silica awareness training
  • Fall protection classes
  • And much more!

The above is a small portion of our robust, certified course selections. Connect with our team to explore our complete list of professional safety training offerings.

Why Paying Attention to Workplace Safety Certifications is Beneficial

While it may seem like a real chore to keep track of each crew member’s safety credentials, there is more than one reason to pay attention. First, your reputation for being a good employer is on the line, and you want to attract experienced professionals who can contribute to the success of your business.

Second, your clients expect you to provide a safe and healthy working environment during each scheduled service. Third, your business is legally obligated to provide specific safety training depending on the services you provide. Without fulfilling your safety obligations, your company is at risk of incurring hefty financial penalties that could stop your current project in its tracks, derail future plans, and put the future of your organization in jeopardy.

By providing comprehensive safety training to each of your team members, you gain the advantage of steering clear of penalties and can enjoy the benefit of a crew who is confident in their ability to operate the job site safely and efficiently.

Hazard Awareness

There is no way to eliminate all the risks in and around a workplace. The trick is knowing how to conduct yourself so as to avoid these risks and hazards. Through proper training, you can sidestep many workplace hazards and respond accordingly when issues do arise. All you have to do is reach out to our team. We will tell you about all the workshops and sessions available to you.

There are more than 7 differet types of workplace safety hazards. Can you and your employees name each category? If not, it might be time to reinvest in hazard awareness training.

In these courses, our instructors go over the following hazards:

  1. Biological
  2. Chemical
  3. Environmental
  4. Ergonomic
  5. Physical
  6. Safety
  7. Work Organization

After certification, members of your team will possess the skills needed to bring heightened awareness to each worksite that will allow them to scan their environment to identify any threats to safe operations.

Choose a safety consulting company that goes above and beyond to ensure your crew is engaged with our course material in a meaningful manner. Call today to learn more about our course offerings.

In-Depth Safety Inspection and Assessments

What makes us the smart choice to help ensure the safety of your workplace? We provide a full breadth of consulting services that are guaranteed to pinpoint any shortcomings in your safety policies. When you hire us to develop safety procedures in your work environment, you can count on us to perform the following:

  • Worksite assessment
  • Risk evaluation
  • Hazard control
  • Workplace incidents inspection
  • Document records of incidents
  • Report filing
  • Emergency response plans

These are some of the ways that we help you identify any issues with your workplace and create a plan to fix them. Contact us today to get started on creating a secure workplace that is safe for all of your employees.

Valuable Safety Courses and Training

In addition to the inspection of your workplace, another way we can help guarantee a safe environment is through our comprehensive training courses. We will send a safety specialist to your property to give your staff a detailed presentation on how to be cautious on the job. We are authorized to provide certifications on a number of subjects, so you can be sure that your staff has the knowledge to work smartly.

Some of our superior courses include:

  • Aerial lifts
  • Fall protection
  • First aid
  • CPR
  • Injury prevention
  • Forklift training
  • And much more

We are continually improving the ways in which we serve you. We are dedicated to helping local businesses stay safe and successful with our beneficial services.

Safety Specialists Committed to Your Satisfaction and Success

For us, no job is finished until you are completely confident in the consulting and training you received. We aim to exceed our clients' expectations by providing them with superior safety instructions and outstanding customer service. Our staff is friendly and attentive and will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns while helping you achieve a safeguarded workplace. Our many satisfied clients agree that we are a pleasure to deal with from start to finish.

Local Safety Consultants That You Can Rely On

You can never be too careful. At 3-E Safety Services LLC, we believe in helping our clients create safe and productive workplaces. For dependable safety consulting at fantastic rates, put your trust in our dedicated team of experts. Reach us at (816) 210-0689 to learn more and schedule a consultation.