3-E Safety Services, LLC offers low-cost Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10-Hour Construction classes. The classes are taught in English only. The two-day course is presented by authorized instructors and designed to train employers and their employees in the essentials of occupational safety and health in construction.

Classes cover OSHA standards and requirements as they apply to the construction industry, as well as safety awareness to help in recognizing and reducing the risks of job site hazards. 3-E Safety Services, LLC ensures that each class is designed for the company that is being trained. OSHA requires that certain topics must be covered but allows for the instructor to pick from a variety of other topics to teach. This allows for the training class to be tailored to the trade being taught. The course is composed of 10 different subjects that each take about an hour to complete. Some topics may be less than one hour and some may be more than one hour, depending on the requirements for that topic.

3-E Safety Services will come to your location and use the equipment that your employees use in the training class. The typical OSHA 10-hour class takes 1 full day and then 2.5 hours the following day to complete. The class cannot be done in less than 2 days but must be completed within 6 months. There cannot be more than 7.5 hours of instruction done in one day.

Participants who successfully complete both days of the course will receive an OSHA 10-Hour Construction class completion card (typically within four weeks).