CERTA (Certified Roofing Torch Applicator) training by 3-E Safety Services, LLC provides workers with the most-recent best practices and new industry requirements for torching activities. This class is for anyone using or managing users of roofing torches. CERTA training is designed to deliver safe torching processes and procedures through a one-day (8-hour) certification program. 3-E Safety Services’ authorized trainers will deliver effective behavior-based training to roofing workers.

CERTA was developed in 2003 when insurance industry representatives approached the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) to address concerns about increasing incidents and losses occurring from roofers using torches to complete their work. A severe torching incident/claim can present enough damage to put a roofing contractor out of business for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: Inadequate insurance limits, significant properly damage claim, exceeding the insurance company’s policy limit, and an increase in insurance premiums. Due to the need for a focused safety training class that specialized in torch work, the CERTA program was developed.

CERTA training shows how proper roof system configuration design and application techniques can result in the installation of a roof via a torch without causing a fire. The class does not teach a worker how to torch, but rather, how to torch safely. The class includes determining hazards to look for before work has started, during work, and after work is complete. The CERTA class also covers fire watch requirements and duties, hidden hazards to look for, proper PPE to be worn, fire-fighting duties, and more. Workers will also complete a hands-on portion of the class. This will ensure workers know how to properly wear their PPE, assemble and disassemble a torch, and safely torch in a variety of different roofing situations. After workers complete and pass the CERTA class, their certification is valid for 3 years. After the three-year time frame, a refresher class must be completed and passed.

3-E Safety Services has authorized instructors that are up to date on the newest CERTA requirements and regulations. Instructors attend their own Authorized CERTA Trainer refresher class every 3 years.