Founded in 2001 and boasting over 20 years of experience, 3-E Safety Services LLC is the number one choice for construction safety consultants in Springfield and beyond. We work closely with companies across the region to perform inspections and offer training courses designed to keep job sites safer and up to code.

If you require training and certification courses or need your job site inspected to ensure it meets compliance and safety standards, give us a call by clicking the link below.



All our consultants are certified safety professionals (CSPs) with globally recognized certifications in the safety field. Equipped with comprehensive knowledge and rigorous training, our CSPs bring unparalleled expertise to your workplace.

Our security consultants’ skills span a wide range of industry sectors, enabling them to deliver effective and adaptable safety solutions. As CSPs, their mission goes beyond compliance—they're dedicated to actively fostering a culture of safety within your organization.

Trust our certified professionals to lead you toward a safer, more secure business environment.


Hiring safety consultants can bring a multitude of advantages to your business. Not only can our team ensure that your operations remain compliant with safety standards, but they can also contribute significantly to creating a secure and productive work environment.

Here are some key benefits you can expect:

  • Expert knowledge: Our consultants are well-versed in all areas of workplace safety, ensuring that your business stays legally compliant and operates with best practices in mind.
  • Training and certification: Our specialized training programs will equip your employees to handle their jobs safely and efficiently.
  • Risk assessment: We can help identify any potential hazards and formulate strategies to mitigate them, reducing workplace accidents.
  • Creating safety plans: Every business is unique, and we can tailor safety plans that align with your specific operational needs.
  • Inspections: Regular job site inspections ensure that safety standards are consistently being upheld.
  • First aid training: We empower your staff with first aid skills that can make a significant difference during emergency situations.
  • Preventative approach: Ultimately, investing in safety consultation is a preventative measure that can save you from costly accidents, lawsuits, and reputational damage in the long run.


At 3-E Safety Services LLC, we aim to bridge the gap between comprehensive safety measures and affordability. Our cost-effective safety consulting services are designed to provide top-tier expertise without breaking your budget.

From risk assessment to safety training, our solutions cater to all businesses, regardless of size or industry. With our affordable safety consulting, you gain access to superior safety measures without compromising financial stability.


Our comprehensive workplace safety assessments are meticulously designed to identify potential risks and hazards in your work environment. Our seasoned consultants conduct an extensive evaluation of your facilities, going over every detail from equipment functionality to workflow design. We then provide a detailed report outlining the findings, combined with pragmatic solutions for risk mitigation.

With our assessments, you gain invaluable insights into your workplace safety, helping you foster a safer, more productive, and legally compliant work environment.


As a leading safety consulting firm in Springfield, 3-E Safety Services LLC is built on a foundation of trust, expertise, and a commitment to ensuring workplace safety. Our team of seasoned consultants, with their broad industry knowledge and experience, is prepared to work with you to create a safer, more productive work environment.

We understand the local regulations and can help you navigate them, ensuring your compliance and enhancing your business's reputation.

Our Safety Consultations

We are a consulting firm focused on serving and fulfilling the safety needs of businesses in Springfield. We are a team of safety experts. No matter what tasks your employees need to carry out daily, we know what to do to ensure your staff is certified and knowledgeable to move forward with their job safely and efficiently.

When you call us to book your consultation, we will ask you a few questions about your business to get to know what you do so we can plan the appropriate safety consultation with you.

About Our Safety Consultants

3-E Safety Services LLC is a team of safety consultants. Each of our consultants maintains a diverse knowledge of safety protocols. We offer a wide range of services that business owners can choose from, including:

  • Aerial lift training
  • Forklift training
  • Safety meetings
  • First aid
  • P.R. and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training
  • Job site inspections
  • Safety plans
  • New employee orientations

The head of our operations, Cory Rohs, holds the highest level of safety certification, Certified Safety Professional (C.S.P.). If that is the kind of professionalism you are looking for when selecting your safety professional, please reach out to 3-E Safety Services LLC. We are always happy to help.

Worker Safety Training Courses and Certification

We offer a wide range of safety training courses and machine-operator certification for companies throughout the region. We strive to make workplaces safer through education. We do this by taking a holistic approach to job site safety training that emphasizes the big picture.

We offer businesses the ability to train and certify their employees in the following areas:

  • Aerial Lift and Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP)
  • Forklift
  • Skid steer loaders
  • Backhoe
  • Excavators
  • Silica awareness
  • OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour construction courses
  • DOT safety compliance
  • First-aid, CPR, and Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Certified Roofing Torch Applicator (CERTA)
  • …and more!

For a complete list of the training courses and certificates that we are authorized to grant, please take a look through our site—especially our Inspections page. For faster answers to your questions, why not give us a call? Our agents will be happy to provide you with a detailed overview of our programs.

Anchor Pull Tests, Evaluations, and Safety Consulting

Do you have the tools to properly test and evaluate the strength of the anchors you are using at your workplace? It is impossible to overstate the importance of properly secured anchors. Every workplace must have a system in place to test the anchors that workers depend on.

As part of our job site safety consulting, 3-E Safety Services LLC offers anchor pull tests to verify, certify, and document every anchor on site. Once an anchor has been tested and confirmed to hold 3600 pounds of pull, it will be tagged, date-stamped, and documented using GPS technology. The anchor will then be certified for 1 year and must be recertified after the test's expiration.

Forklift Training

Forklift training is essential for companies that use forklifts in their daily operations. It involves educating employees on the proper use and maintenance of forklifts and safety guidelines to prevent accidents.

Our training courses are designed to help minimize the risk of accidents and reduce damage to equipment, ultimately increasing productivity and saving costs for the company. We provide comprehensive instruction and hands-on training that ensures your drivers have the skills and knowledge to operate forklifts safely and efficiently.

Here are some of the more common forklift types our training applies to:

  • Industrial Lift Truck (Class 1,4 and5)
  • Electric Motor Rider Trucks
  • Internal Combustion Engine Trucks
  • Pallet Jacks and Order Pickers
  • Rough-terrain forklifts, Class 7 - Electric and Internal Combustion Engines
  • Stand-Up Forklifts

Updated training protects your workforce and your bottom line. To book a course, please call us.

Fall Prevention

Are your employees required to work at high elevations to conduct their tasks? If so, fall prevention training is for you. Our course covers various methods and equipment for preventing falls and outlines strategies for minimizing the risk of extensive injury in the event of an accident.

This hands-on and interactive course teaches how to use fall protection equipment and identify potential fall hazards correctly. It also covers how managers and forepersons can ensure a safe workplace. Once successfully completed, your staff will be equipped with the confidence to identify and mitigate fall hazards in the workplace.


SILICA training is required for companies that work with materials containing silica, such as sand, concrete, and rock. Silica is a hazardous material that can cause serious health problems if inhaled, so employees need to be thoroughly versed on how to work with it safely.

Our training program provides in-depth instruction on identifying and controlling silica hazards and methods for minimizing exposure and protecting workers' health. Certifying your staff can help you stay compliant with OSHA regulations, reduce the risk of health problems, and improve the overall safety of your workplace.

If you'd like to learn about training packages for new onboards, pricing, and booking dates, call our office to speak with a member of our training team.

DOT Driver Safety Compliance

DOT training is another mandatory course for companies transporting hazardous materials on public roads. Our comprehensive course covers the regulations and requirements for transporting hazardous materials safely, including labeling, packaging, and emergency response procedures.

We designed our driver safety courses to include all the necessary details to ensure your employees are fully equipped with the knowledge required to comply with regulations and prevent accidents during transportation. DOT driver safety certification also helps protect your company from legal liabilities and ensures the safe travel of hazardous materials.

In addition to safety and compliance courses, we also offer:

  • Defensive Driving & Driver Safety Training
  • Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulation (FMCSR) Training
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Hours of Service Training
  • Reasonable Suspicion Training

To learn more about the details included in our training, how you can access it regularly, or the price of all courses combined, connect with us during business hours.

Jobsite Safety Inspections

We also offer a range of safety inspection services to keep your employees safe and your compliance with OSHA up to date. Breaking regulatory and safety compliance rules can result in huge fines—not to mention injuries.

With our help, your workplace will stay compliant with all current rules and regulations. That way, when OSHA or other regulatory bodies inspect your site, you can be confident that everything is above-board.

We also offer safety consulting services for businesses that have been hit with fines. In some cases, we have been able to reclassify citations, get fines reduced, and even have them dismissed altogether.

First Aid and C.P.R.

No matter what workplace you operate in, having a first-aid kit is necessary. People can always get cuts and scrapes, and first-aid will assist in those cases. First-aid is also essential for more serious matters too. Having first-aid training and C.P.R. and AED is very important. Knowing what to do in an emergency can help save a life.

Our adult courses can all be covered in one 5-hour session. Our classes train the participants to recognize the signs that require first aid, C.P.R., or AEDs. Life-threatening emergencies are a serious matter, and when situations like that show up, it is much better to be prepared. Once your employees complete our course, they will know to save the day.

Workplace Safety Training

Workplace safety training is an important system to have in place for your employees. They should know what to do in an emergency to be safe and sound. Book a safety consultation with our team today, and we will find the best way to help you out.


As O.S.H.A specialists, it is our responsibility to inspect your workplace fully. Once the inspection is complete, we will report the findings to you and let you know what needs to be improved. We will help you avoid any violations, citations, or penalties.

3-E Safety Services LLC Is Your Local Safety Consultant

If you are running a workplace in Springfield where heavy machinery is being operated, there is a very good chance that you need our help. Call us and take advantage of our safety consultant training, testing, inspection, and representation services.

You can reach us at (816) 210-0689 if you'd like to start your safety consultation with us. We are always happy to speak with you.