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Safety Education

Construction and General Industries

"Specialty Trades are our Specialty"


Some of our services are:

                               Education and Training


All OSHA & DOT compliance training      


Aerial lifts                                                                    


Blood Borne Pathogens                                             

CERTA-8 hr                                                              


Fall Protection                                                            

First Aid/ CPR                        

Foremen’s Responsibilities 

Fork lifts

Hazardous Materials and Communications


New Employee Orientation Training



Safety Monitors


10 and 30 hour OSHA Training

2 hour DOT/ Alcohol Training



Air Sampling

Attend pre-construction meetings

Citation conferences with OSHA & DOT

Developing safety manuals

Monthly safety meetings with workers

Monthly toolbox talk articles

Notification of changes in regulations

On site job inspections (report back with results & pictures)

On site safety inspection of business & shop areas

On site safety officer (required under a contract)

Pre-employment drug testing

Pre-inspection of new job sites for safety requirements

Research in new fall protection equipment suited for the job at hand

Starting an annual review of employee’s policies of safety

Updating Drivers DOT files

Updating MSDS books

Workers compensation assistance to reduce injuries

Write Job Hazard Analysis

Write site-specific safety manuals

Write Specific Fall Protection Plans                                                       


First Aid & CPR

CERTA-Roofing Torches

OSHA Instructor (10 and 30 Hour)


Asbestos Inspections                                                        

Asbestos Supervisor

Asbestos Sampling

Web Hosting Companies